Welcome to Golden Eagle District

Golden Eagle District Committee Members





Golden Eagle District administration is served by a volunteer District Committee and supported by our District Professional staff.

District Director - Ken Ruppel
District Operations: - Karen Goth
District Committee Chair - Justin Sorensen
District Commissioner - Danny Thornburg
Program Chair - Matt Gossage
Asst. Dist. Comm. - Randolph Co. -
  Activities & Civic Service - Lesia Meer   Unit Comm. - Lowell Williams      
  Training Chair - John Eliades MD   Unit Comm. - Jason Knasinski      
    Boy Scout Coordinator -Danny Thornburg Asst. Dist. Comm. - NW Delaware. Co. -
    Cub Scout Coordinator - Shandra Teal   Unit Comm. - Esther Baird      
    Venturing Coordinator -   Unit Comm. -Andy Umberger      
  Camping & Outdoor Chair - Drew Godby   Unit Comm. -      
    Boy Scouts - Nick Meer Asst. District Comm. - NE Delaware. Co. - Dave Largent
    Cub Scouts - Tammy Parsons   Unit Comm. - Ginnie Jennings      
  Advancement & Recognition - Tammy Allison   Unit Comm.- Gary Jennings      
    Merit Badge - Tammy Allison Asst. District Comm. - SW Delaware Co. -
    Cub Scout Advancement - vacant   Unit Comm. - Lesia Meer      
    Eagle Advancement -Steve Burkett   Unit Comm. -      
Membership Chair - Tammy Parsons Asst. District Comm. - SE Delaware Co. -
  Boy Scout Recruitment -   Unit Comm. - Pat O'Hern Sr.      
  Cub Scout Recruitment - Spring - Lesia Meer   Unit Comm. - James Reffitt      
  Cub Scout Recruitment - Fall - Wilma Underhill   Unit Comm -      
  Venture/Exploring Recruitment - Asst. District Comm. - Henry Co. - Joe McDonald      
  Webelos to Scout Transition - Paul Nunley   Unit Comm -      
  New Unit Growth -Steve Lovell   Unit Comm. -      
Finance Chair - Brian Haughn Asst. District Comm. - LDS - Keith Williams
  FOS Overall Chair -   Unit Comm. -      
  FOS Leadership Chair - Steve Stroeh Asst. District Comm. - Urban Units - Gloria Adams
  FOS Family Chair - Brad Blake   Unit Comm. -      
  Popcorn Chair -   Unit Comm. -      

Public Relations -Steve Stroeh

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner -Darren Reason  
IT Resource Chair - Dr. John Eliades

Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner -Brian Wolfe